Thursday, September 30, 2010

Reflection on Peer Evaluation Process

Please leave your comments based on the following questions:
State your names and class clearly

1. Why do you think we carried out peer evaluation?
2. What are the advantages and disadvantages?
3. What are the important areas to look out for during evaluation?
4. How can we make the process more effective and fair?


  1. We carried out the peer evaluation because it is not that bias unlike teachers
    The advantage is that is is not bias. The disadvantage it is slower
    The important areas are that we judge fairly
    We can listen to what they say and observe
    Adam Tan

  2. Samuel Ong S1-05

    1.Do see how we fare against our other peers and se where we stand. If they are better than us,then we can improve ourselves.
    2.The advantages are if we give good and accurate feedback,our peers can really take the advice into consideration and can work hard to better the next time.The disadvantages are sometimes we might be bias against someone so even if the person who presented did really well and you're bias against he/she, the marks given will be low.
    3.Looking at the rubrics so we can assess our peers properly and whether they are doing the presentation naturally.
    4.Clear the grudges and misunderstandings first and evaluate your peers fairly so the person presenting can really take your feedback seriously.

  3. 1. You wanted to have a clearer idea of the marks the person deserves instead of the opinion of just one person.

    2. The advantages are that people can have a clearer idea of how much they can score and they will understand why they can only get that marks. The disadvantages is that people can be biased and give marks depending on the person and not the effort and they put in.

    3. We can to look at the rubrics and understand how we should grade so it will be fair.

    4. People can discuss about the scores so they will know if someone is being biased to another person and all...

    Catherine Lim--- <3 =)

  4. I think we carried out the peer evaluation as it was a good way to see what people think of one another's presentation skills.

    I may be biased as some people may like some people more than other people. Advantage is that we can find out what we think of each others presentation skills.

    Important areas to look out for are fluency of speech, clarity, enthusiasm and awareness of audience.

    We cane make some teachers take part in the evaluation as teachers tend to be less biased and will give a fair score even if some students do not like the student being evaluated.

  5. Tan Zhi Yong S1-05

    1) To let the teachers see how we feel about our own team members
    2) The advantages is that the teachers will understand how we feel and the student will understand how his/her team members feel about them so that they will improve. The disadvantages us that we may be bias towards some people, thus no fair evaluation is given.
    3)The member's cooperativeness, creativeness, helpfulness.
    4) Do not be bias, but judge the person according to the rubrics.

  6. Jonathan Then Tian Meng

    1) I think that we carried out peer evaluation so that our classmates can share their point of view.

    2) The advantage is that everyone of us can share our points or view. The disadvantage is there may be biasness towards certain people.

    3) We must look out for the presenter's body language and the clarity of their voice.

    4) So far, I think that the process is already very effective. Its just that everyone must evaluate one another fairly.

  7. Tay Kun Yao 105

    1. We do peer evaluation so that we could improve on our presentation by listening to what our friends say and also tell the teachers who have been doing the most amount of work.
    2. The advantages of peer evaluation is that we would know our flaws and correct them. The disadvantages is that some friends would take the wrong idea and think we're insulting them, also, some people who dislikes each other would give them low scores, so the results would be inaccurate.
    3. We should make sure we do not type anything that insults our peers and also not be racism. Another thing is that we should think before we write down what we want to say as it might insult and hurt your peer's feelings.
    4. We can improve peer evaluation by giving some open ended questions so that our peers have more to say for the question. Also, there could have some help or examples to help us answer the question/rubrics.

  8. Aisyah Binte Mazlan S1-05 (02)

    1) it is so that we can learn from our own peers' mistakes and successes.
    2) The advantages are that we get to learn from other groups and the disadvantages are that we don't really get to learn from our OWN mistakes.
    3) We must look out for personal contact with the audience, fluency and clarity of the speech and actions as he/she speaks.
    4) We could put the evaluation sheet up so that we can read what people say about our own presentations.

  9. s1-05
    Foo Zhixiang

    1.So that we can improve on our presentation.
    2. The advantage is that so we can find out about our mistake and improve on them. The disadvantages are that people may think that it is insulting them.
    3. Whether the evaluation is clear to understand so that it is easy to give marks.
    4. It should be clearer and bias-free as some people are bias

  10. 1. I think we carried out peer evaluation so that we can see our classmate's mistakes, and not make those mistakes ourselves.

    2. The advantages is that we can improve on what our classmates have done wrong, but the disadvantage is that if the classmate evaluating you does not like you very much, he/she might not grade you as well.

    3. We have to look out for our friends' body posture, expression, confidence, and whether the points are relevant and make sense.

    4. We can have students from other classes to evaluate us.

  11. 1. To be able to learn from other's mistakes and pick up good points

    2. The advantage is that we will be able to learn from other friends but the disadvantage is that we might be bias against someone which will lead to marking that particular person down

    3. An important area is to judge fairly or else it wouldn't be accurate and another important area is to evaluate the person according to the rubrics and not just your own perspective

    4. Not to tell whoever he or she is being evaluated by

  12. Daniel Chan (07)

    Q1)It was most likely for our peers to be graded more fairly,and not just from the teacher's standard and point of view.

    Q2)The advantage is that we can get an average for one person,with 4 people evaluating him or her.It also means that if the person is not buyers,he or she will get a more fair grade.The disadvantage is if the evaluator is buyers,the person being evaluated will not get a fair grade and he/she might fail I&E because of that.Also,the evaluator has little to no experience in evaluating someone in I&E.

    Q3)The important areas to look out for in peer evaluation would be the 4 different rubrics being accessed on:Eye contact,Poise,Enthusiasm and Elocution.Eye contact is if the presenter is (positive)making any eye contact with the audience and (negative)looking at notes or the slides.Poise is if the presenter is looking confident,how many mistakes made and how quickly he or she recovers from them.Enthusiasm,whether or not the presenter appears enthusiastic while presenting.Elocution finally,is how clearly the presenter speaks.

    Q4)We can perhaps have practice sessions for peer evaluations,or guidelines we should follow when evaluating peers,not counting the rubrics.People that are known to be buyers should not be allowed to evaluate peers as they will probably give bad marks for the person they hate on purpose.

  13. I think that we carried our peer evaluation as it allows us to know more about our friends performance and allows us to reflect on ourselves also and see what we can learn from others.

    Advantages is that they allows us to know more about ourselves and friends and see what can be done to improve on our performance.

    During evaluation, it is vital that we look out for our friends mistakes and correct them. Also, to look out for the good points they have eg.fluency.

    We can make the process more effective and fair by finding the average and discuss the appropriate marks the person should have. Also, we may ask other people like from other classes to grade us they will not be biased.

  14. 1. Instead of the only teacher's opinion of the score the person should get, with peer evaluation, there will be more opinion of the score.

    2. The advantages is that there will be more opinions of the score. The disadvantage is that students may be bias and give more marks to their good friends or accept bribes.

    3. Referring to the rubrics before assessing our friends

    4. Have the students be truthful and not be bias just because he/she does not like the other party. Instead follow the rubrics and assess the person

  15. Matthew Lim Shi-Yi class 105

    We carry out peer evaluation because we need know the students view on things and such .

    The advantages of peer evaluation is that you get to hear a students perspective on things so you may get to know if any member of the group is not pulling his or her weight

    The important areas are wether the persons are telling the truth or not and if not will be giving false results and so will compromise the results

    The process can be made fair and effective only if the students are truthful and are not lying about their team mates

  16. 1. It is because the teachers would like to know the student's opinion of the product and the way they present. With more student, it is also easier to get the accurate opinion.
    2. The advantages are, there are more people taking par which means a more accurate answer. The disadvantages are, the students may be bias, and they may purposely put their peer evaluation higher or lower.
    3. During evaluation, the thing that i look out for is the way one present, i will have to watch them present first before writing the evaluation as i may miss out some stuff.
    4. Instead of one person do one evaluation, we can do it in pairs so the evaluation is more accurate...


  18. 1)We were asked to do peer evaluation so we can have a fair way of deciding who is better.

    2)The advantage is that it is more fair.The disadvantage is that it is slower.

    3)We have to judge according to how they perform.So,we have to judge fairly

    4)We could evaluate secretly.

  19. 1. The teachers want to know the view of the students as it is an item which is going to be shown to the Secondary 1's next year. They would also have a say in the classmates marks. It is basically to find out the youths view of the presentation as they say children are more innovative.
    2. The advantages are that people will listen carefully as they have to evaluate the person so they will pay attention and they can also give their perspective, however the disadvantages are that the they might be bias like giving more marks to a close person and giving less marks to your enemy.
    3. I look at if they stand properly and if they are happy, to the point and use opportunities of humour and presentation points properly.
    4. We can make selected people to mark each one of them

  20. 1)So that the teacher can do less work and the student can do it instead

    2)Teacher and student can double check their marking

    3)favourtism can affect the scores

    4)Have multiple teachers

  21. Kenneth Teh 105

    1. It is to see what everyone in the classes' comments are.

    2. It is to have a more fair judgement, but it might be biased.

    3. The rubrics

    4. We can use strangers as the judgers