Thursday, September 30, 2010

iPhone Apps Idea Generation Exercise 1

Force Fitting: Kitchenware vs iPhone Apps

Choose two of the following and think of 6-10 functions that people can use them for:


State your names and ideas clearly under the 'Comments' column

Reflection on Peer Evaluation Process

Please leave your comments based on the following questions:
State your names and class clearly

1. Why do you think we carried out peer evaluation?
2. What are the advantages and disadvantages?
3. What are the important areas to look out for during evaluation?
4. How can we make the process more effective and fair?

PEER Evaluation- Term 3/4 Group Presentation on Products

Hi 105,

Please access the link below to carry out the peer assessment based on the presentation rubrics and assigned assessment line-up:

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I&E Lesson - Monday, 20 Sept 2010

A group of students from Espirit Secondary School have decided to be entrepreneurial and start a mini confectionery business at home.
To contribute back to society, they have decided that 50% of their proceeds will go to the Dandelion Children’s Home.
As these students have never attended any Innovation and Entrepreneurship courses, they have decided to approach SST students for assistance.
As their ‘consultants’, your task is as follows:-


Thursday, September 16, 2010

I&E Term 3 & 4 groupings (Product Range)

Aisyah, Jonathan, Zhi Yong, Samuel
Mirza, Abigail, Wu Shen, Elijah, Alpha
Zhixiang, Pranavi, Kun Yao, Mohit
Vivek, Catherine, Matthew, Daniel
Adam, Kenneth, Kieren, Amrit

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I&E Performance Task: Group Presentation & Products

For this Thursday's I&E lesson:

1] Bring all your products to share with your members;
2] Re-design/ re-work on your products if they are not appropriate or up to standard;
3] Work on your business pitch and presentation format (keynote + skit/ sales pitch)
4] Finalise presentation content and roles
5] Rehearsal

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Requirements for Performance Task Products and Presentation


I&E Promotional Brochure (hardcopy)

1] Definition of I&E

2] Why should schools promote I&E

3] How has it been useful to students

4] Relevant images

Deadline: Thursday, 2 Sept 2010


Group Project

Deadline: Term4 ,Week 1, I&E Lesson

1] Group presentation slides (8-12) for your product range(business proposal slides must include theme+reasons, taglines, description and selling point of products; images of prototypes/ sketches)

2] Mock-up and final sketches of products: you will be asked to modify your proposed products if found unsuitable/ too conventional. Try SCAMPER and Shape Borrowing.

3] Decide which items are to be made into physical prototype ( at least half your products), which will remain as sketches (Google Sketch, hardcopy)

4] Make sure the tagline is on all products.