Thursday, February 11, 2010

Group presentation- Summary draft 1

All groups will email their first draft of the reading summary typed in iWork Pages to:

Draft 1 (12/2) will include:
A] Group Name
B] Roles:
1. Leader(1), Note-takers(2), Slide designers (1 or 2), Non-digital presentation component designer (1)
2. Main points of readings [8-10points]
3. Proposed presentation modes (1 keynote + 1 non-digital/ computer mode), eg. skit

Draft 2(18 /2) will include:
1. Development of main points of readings [8-10points]
2. Pros and cons of this particular source of innovation you are reading on
3. How can we overcome some of the challenges/ difficulties faced when we try to tap on this source?
4. How can we apply/ search for this source locally?
5. Draft slides of presentation and outline of non-digital component

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Internet Research Quiz

Sources of Innovation

Class 1-05,

You have been grouped into teams of 4-5. Your task is to summarize the information under each source assigned to you. You may present your summaries using skit, keynote presentation and handouts. Guiding questions will be provided to you shortly.
Your classmates will learn about the particular source you are presenting on so that they can make use of the information to 'grow' their mindmaps.
Presentation will be carried out and graded in Week 7. Every member has to present and write a personal reflection after that.

1: Abigail, Catherine,Zhixiang, Jonathan,Mohit,
2:Aisyah, Pranavi, Wushen,Amrit,Zhiyong
3:Akansh, Kieren,Matthew, Kenneth
5:Samuel, Elijah,Kunyao,Vivek

Ms Choo

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Grow you 'INNOVATION' mindmap

Class 1-05

So far, we have touched on the various aspects of innovation, eg. difference between innovation and invention, definition of innovation (what is and what is not), social innovation, habits of an innovative person etc.

It is time to start on your mindmap on "INNOVATION" and grow it along the way as we move into new topics. You may also include your own opinions and collected information as and when you deem suitable.

You will need to work on your mindmaps and submit them for grading by Week 3 of Term Two.