Thursday, August 26, 2010

Requirements for Performance Task Products and Presentation


I&E Promotional Brochure (hardcopy)

1] Definition of I&E

2] Why should schools promote I&E

3] How has it been useful to students

4] Relevant images

Deadline: Thursday, 2 Sept 2010


Group Project

Deadline: Term4 ,Week 1, I&E Lesson

1] Group presentation slides (8-12) for your product range(business proposal slides must include theme+reasons, taglines, description and selling point of products; images of prototypes/ sketches)

2] Mock-up and final sketches of products: you will be asked to modify your proposed products if found unsuitable/ too conventional. Try SCAMPER and Shape Borrowing.

3] Decide which items are to be made into physical prototype ( at least half your products), which will remain as sketches (Google Sketch, hardcopy)

4] Make sure the tagline is on all products.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Details on Term 3 Performance Task

1. Submission dates:
- Individual Brochure: Term 3 Week 10 (hardcopy, coloured)
- Group Products and Presentation: Term 4 Week 1 (sketch-ups, prototypes & keynote slides)

2. Take note of your audience when you design the products, taglines and brochure write-ups.

3. Please refer to the I&E Google Site for the slides on the Grading Criteria and Rubrics.

Term 3 Performance Task

Please fill up the forms as a group.