Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Reflection on I&E Visit to Red-Dot Museum

1. Describe the most interesting/ innovative display you saw at the Red Dot Museum. Why is it outstanding compared to the rest?

2. Why do you think innovation is important to Singapore?


  1. 1. The most interesting design in my opinion is the Nespresso Coffee Making machine. It is truely a good innovation as when you use the commercial coffee making machines, they use coffee beans and water. What Nescafe as come up with is these capsules that have a special recipe to it. This ensures that the amount of each ingredient is constant as they are done by machines. They have even invented quite a few machines to use the capsules.

    2. Singapore is a very developed city and i feel that Singapore should be updated with the latest designs and trends. Innovation also makes people think more critically and better. This allows designers to come up with better products to improve the world.

  2. 1. The most interesting design is the neon lights. It has a good design and from above, it looks like a never ending hole, but in reality it is just a glass on top of it.

    2. Singapore should innovate as it can attract more tourist to Singapore.

  3. Tay Kun Yao (20) :|)

    1. The most interesting Design is...... The Umbrella! It's at the Red Dot shop. I thing it is interesting as it cost almost one hundred dollars just for an Umbrella that can stand on four legs. Another reason is that it is the only design I could remember right now.

    2. Innovation is important to Singapore as Singapore should upgrade its own products to match with other countries despite being a small country and also update itself as Technology increases.

  4. The most interesting design is the mirrored light, because it was like a bottomless pit.

    Innovation is important because boring things are not better than innovative things.

  5. Th Coffee Maker
    the taste of the coffee is cramped into that tiny little container which can be made fast and can be made tasty as well

    Innovation is important to singapore as we might need to make our own products in what little land we have and this will be useful in the future: Innovative way for singapore to get food.

  6. 1)I think that the digital touch screen computer is the best as it think that it is improving the product known as the computer by getting rid of the use of the mouse and thus require less resources and get more money,which is rare in many types of products.

    2)We need a lot of in-the-now product so that we can sell them and make more money from this products as it is a one in the kind(s),found only in singapore and it will be in demand and we earn money and will get the money for the buying of essential resources such as food,water and shelter.

  7. Jonathan Then (10) :/

    1) The most interesting thing I saw at the Red Dot Museum was the phonewatch. It has two functions combined into one. I find it nice because it is easy to use.

    2) Innovation is important to Singapore as it can attract more tourists and it will boost the economy of the country.

  8. Abigail Agustines (:

    1. I think its the neon lights. It was very colourful and it looked like a never ending hole or tunnel which was pretty cool for me. It looked really nice on the floor because i think it gives life to the boring and ordinary floor. Young children will also be very attracted to it when they see it. In fact it isn't a never ending tunnel at all. It makes people wonder on how the inventor actually did it with neon lights.

    2.Innovation is important in Singapore so that we can improve on the current products we are using now so that it will sell and improve the economy. With the Red Dot Museum in Singapore, it is the first step to being one of the top innovative countries in the world. There may even have a second museum and attract way more tourist. Singapore will also have an advantage in the world to improve the living of human beings.

  9. 1)The most interesting innovation is the 'glowing sink' as the sink has a light which is solar-powered hence we do not really need to on the lights and waste energy at nights.
    2)Innovation in singapore is needed as they need it to attract more people to singapore and also to help people in their life by innovating.

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  11. 1)The most interesting display I saw at the Red Dot Museum was mirrored light as it has a unique design, which looked like a never ending tunnel, but it is actually a reflection.

    2)Innovation is important to Singapore as
    it improves things to make things easier and it also attracts more tourist to Singapore.

  12. 1)The most interestingthing I saw was the thin DVD player as,is was very stylish and was less than a cm long. I never knew that a DVD player could be so thin and yet still able to serve its purpose.

    2)Innovation in Singapore is important as with new ideas and designs, Singapore will be outstanding in the world,which would also lead to more companies wanting to work with Singapore and more tourist coming to Singapore.