Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What is innovation? What is not innovation?

1) In your opinion, what is innovation and what is not? Based on the videos/ images/ class presentations you have seen so far, what is the best and worst innovation idea? Why?

2) Go to the internet and look for an image or video of a useful innovation. Enter the URL of the image/ video into the 'Comments' box below and describe in 40-60 words why you think it is a useful innovation. Pls feel free to provide more than one example and share the links :)


  1. 1)innovation is when you invent some thing from scratch and patent it to be useful to the people around the world and what is not a innovation is when you improve a invention and you cannot patent it as it is not your idea originally

  2. 1. innovation is when u improve on something and not inventing something.

  3. Innovation is to improve an invention to help others and earn easy money.The worst innovation i ever seen is the fan on the chopsticks.The fan is so big thus it is heavy and also it is uncomfortable to eat the food.

    The rolling Duster!
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  6. Innovation is improving something that has been invented, while the invention is something that has not been created and now exists.



    i think that the xbox 360 elite is a good innovation since when the people who do nothing can set this game up and you can play with other people on xbox live.who says that gaming can be just be un-educative?actually you can learn from people mistakes and use that as your strength which is a life long lesson

  9. In my opinion,innovation is creating something to improve on a particular product.Copying a product is not innovation.The best innovation was the dog potty as it was hyigenic. The worst innovation was the umbrella with the plastic sheet around it as supposing you wanted to use a public phone, you would not be able to hold it.
    http://current/ building is important as it is eco friendly

  10. 1.innovation is when you improve on something and not inventing something

  11. 1)I think That the piano staircase is a useful innovation.This is due to the fact that it makes more people exercise by getting them to use the staircase.It is also very interesting as it can play the different notes of a piano when a person steps on one of the steps.I think the worst innovation is the plastic extension of the staircase.Although it can completely protect the user from he rain by completely covering them,It is very difficult to keep and open,and is not much different from the original umbrella.I think that an innovation is a useful thing that is an improvement from an invention.What is not an innovation is something that is not useful and it is not an improvement to its original invention.
    This innovation is a fake coffee mug that emits steam non-stop.It gives other people the impression that you are at work as the coffee seems hot and fresh.You can just slack off somewhere else while everyone thinks you are hard at work.

  12. 1. An innovation is the Extension of an invention but not the Invention itself. A best innovation idea is to have something that can help everyone by Exercising or making things much more easier for them. By doing so, life would be easier and also at the same time, improved. The worst invention would be something that is only improved for females only. It is the worst invention because only females can use the item while the male can't.

    2. a)

    The first website is about Apple's magic mouse. It is useful because the magic mouse has a multi-touch function which allows us to left click or right click etc etc. It is also wireless which allows us to control the Mac from a distance.
    The second website is about Apple's Iwork. It is useful because it allows us to use pages, keynotes etc etc.. for work.
    The third and last website is about Apple's Time capsule. It is useful because it enables us to restore any loss data back.

  13. 1) An innovation is something that is either created or made from an idea. Something that is not an innovation is something that does not serve any purpose. An innovation is something that helps people and to make their lives better.


    The time capsule is an innovative way to backup your files wirelessly and you can even schedule a certain time to backup the files of your computer and it will automatically update your files.

    The magic mouse has a multi-touch technology and you can swipe, pinch anything to navigate. It is a futuristic mouse.

    The imac is a all in one computer that only requires 1 plug, the power plug, for it to function. It is fast and powerful, way better than any PC.

    iLife enables you to edit and save your photos,movies and even allows you to create music with garageband.

    iWork allows us to create word processing documents, spreadsheets and even presentations. It enables us to do our schoolwork with ease.

    The iPad has the best networking experience you've ever experienced in your entire life. Its like holding the internet in your hands. It is just like an oversized iphone with amazing graphics.

    The iPod nano allows you to listen to your music on the go and it can even take videos! It is light and slim and its the perfect music companion on the go.

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